Anti Gagal! Ini 7 Tips Glass Skin Makeup Ala Korea

Anti-Fail! Here Are 7 Tips for Korean Style Glass Skin Make-Up

The increasingly varied makeup trends show that creativity never has limits. The presence of various makeup looks is clear proof of this. For example, one of the makeup looks that is currently popu...

Mudah! Inilah Tips Bersihkan Makeup yang Tercoret

Easy! Here Are Tips For Cleaning Smeared Make-Up

Do you agree or not, that the make-up process doesn't always go smoothly, there are times when we are faced with obstacles in the middle of the make-up process. In fact, this happens not only in ev...

5 Cara Meningkatkan Skill sebagai Makeup Artist

5 Ways to Improve Your Skills as a Makeup Artist

As a makeup artist, maintaining enthusiasm to continue improving your skills is very important. This not only applies to novice makeup artists who are new to the world of makeup, but also applies t...