Don't worry when your Amala X is damaged

Can't use the Amala X brush anymore? Calm! Amala X products are equipped with protection that you can claim. To do this, send your purchase information via the form provided below!

Professional Quality

Haquhara wholeheartedly develops and maintains products according to standards with professional quality. So, the possibility of defects in the product is very minimal.

12 Months Protection

Amala X product protection applies to major damage due to personal use. This protection is valid for 1 year (12 months), starting from the date of purchase.

Replace New

You can claim a new replacement for Amala X products through this guarantee program. After the application is received, you have the right to get an Amala X product in new condition.

Warranty Claim Process

Contact us

Please contact Customer Service to make a warranty claim via +628192242929

Claim Terms

Prepare a warranty card to make a protection claim and pay attention not to lose or damage the warranty card!

Fill out the form

Customers are required to fill out the warranty claim form provided.

Claim Duration

The warranty claim process takes 5-10 working days.


Product shipping costs are borne by the customer.


Haquhara has the right to cancel the guarantee or claim from the customer if there are indications of violation, fraud, or non-fulfillment of the warranty claim requirements from Amala X.

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Warranty Claim Form

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About Warranty

  • The Amala X product replacement guarantee is valid for 1 (one) year from the date of purchase.
  • A guarantee is given for every purchase of Amala
  • All warranty claims must include the warranty card obtained with every Amala X purchase.
  • The guarantee is valid as long as the product is still available and produced (not discontinued ).
  • The guarantee only applies to 1 (one) claim.
  • Warranty claims only apply to major damage due to personal use. The guarantee does not cover intentional damage, loss, theft, fire, or damage caused by natural disasters.
  • The customer is responsible for any shipping costs incurred in the product replacement process.
  • If the Amala

Terms and conditions

The guarantee does not apply if the following things occur as below:

  • The product has exceeded the specified warranty period (one year from the purchase of Amala
  • Warranty card is lost or damaged.
  • Product damage resulting from natural disasters, intentional damage, floods, earthquakes, fires and other major damage.
  • The guarantee does not apply to minor damage such as small scratches due to use on the Amala
  • Products and parts of Amala X that have been modified by customers.
  • Decisions regarding product replacement and warranty claims are entirely Haquhara's sole discretion.
  • From time to time the terms and conditions for Amala X warranty claims may change according to company policy.