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The Most Favorite: Amala Brush

Essential makeup brushes that #Pasti13isa fulfill the needs of makeup artists in creating perfect makeup.

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Beginner friendly

Each brush handle is equipped with an appropriate brush code so it is suitable for those of you who are beginners.

Signature color gradation

Combining fashion and professionalism makes Amala look beautiful and elegant.

Soft bristle

It has soft bristles that are comfortable to use on the face.

Eyelid Lock Ultra

Exclusive Collaboration With Claudius Charles

The size and shape are specifically designed to effectively lift mama's eyelids that have dropped greatly. MUAs who like to handle mama's clients are definitely required to have this size.

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When you think about make up tools, the first thing that comes in mind is Haquhara. The product is one of the most helpful, luxurious, and affordable MUA tools ever! It’s a five stars from me.


Haquhara creates a variety of makeup support tools to make our work as makeup artists easier and also for all beauty enthusiasts. Thank you, Haquhara, for making our job easier and more beautiful.


Product from Haquhara was so good! I really use these two products a lot: Bio Buds and Triple Treat.


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