Easy! Here Are Tips For Cleaning Smeared Make-Up

Mudah! Inilah Tips Bersihkan Makeup yang Tercoret

Do you agree or not, that the make-up process doesn't always go smoothly, there are times when we are faced with obstacles in the middle of the make-up process. In fact, this happens not only in everyday use of makeup, but it is also possible for makeup artists who handle many clients to encounter similar problems. However, as a professional makeup artist, the ability to find solutions when faced with problems is a must.

Talking about obstacles during the make-up process, one of the moments that often occurs is when the eyeliner is smudged on the area around the eyes. This situation is really difficult to avoid, therefore as a form of anticipation if at any time this happens to you, don't panic yet, just relax, because MinQu has the best solution for you!

How to Remove Smeared Makeup

Use eyelash glue

Apply eyelash glue

One thing is wrong if you clean eyeliner that has dirty the eye area using water, especially if you rub it. This doesn't help remove eyeliner, but will make eyeliner run everywhere. Therefore, try to use eyelash glue by applying it to the area where the makeup is streaked. To do this, you can take eyelash glue using Bio Buds, then tap the area affected by the eyeliner until the dirt is slightly disguised.

Apply foundation

Apply foundation

Once you feel that the eyeliner has been lifted from the facial area, the next thing you need to do is apply foundation to the empty part of your makeup. This will make your makeup look neater.

Apply powder

Apply powder

Next, after applying foundation, you can apply powder so that your makeup appearance becomes more flawless. However, before that, make sure that the powder you use has a shade that matches the tone of the makeup you are creating.

Add more eyeliner

Apply eyeliner

Next, don't forget after you apply powder, also add eyeliner. You can apply eyeliner more neatly and carefully, so that the eyeliner doesn't smudge again into the area around the eyes.

Give the final touch with eyeshadow

Apply eyeshadow

Finally, to give an even more beautiful final touch, you can apply eyeshadow according to the color you created previously. Finished.

Those are 5 easy tips for those of you who often experience smudged makeup problems. Easy, right? With just these 5 ways you can display super beautiful makeup with a perfect final appearance. So, good luck trying the tips above, Haqu Squad!

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