Anti-Fail! Here Are 7 Tips for Korean Style Glass Skin Make-Up

Anti Gagal! Ini 7 Tips Glass Skin Makeup Ala Korea

The increasingly varied makeup trends show that creativity never has limits. The presence of various makeup looks is clear proof of this. For example, one of the makeup looks that is currently popular is the glass skin makeup look. This makeup appearance further emphasizes the naturalness of the face with its moist, dewy character , and gives the skin a touch that looks fresher and brighter.

Even though the appearance seems simple due to the use of minimal makeup products and more emphasis on a natural facial look, some people often find it difficult to create a glass skin makeup look. Therefore, in this article, MinQu will share 7 tips so that you can get perfect results in creating Korean-style glass skin makeup.

7 Tips for Creating Glass Skin

Glass Skin Makeup Look

Skin Preparation

In every makeup process, skin preparation is always a crucial stage. Even in creating a natural look like this glass skin, skin prep remains the main thing. Therefore, carry out the skin preparation process, starting from applying serum, moisturizer, to primer. This stage can be adjusted to your skin care routine.

Apply a thin makeup formula

Glass skin makeup that shows a natural face means you need to be careful when applying makeup products. Applying too much makeup product can make the appearance of glass skin fade, because the makeup is too thick. A few tips that MinQu can share, you can choose a cushion product because its formula is light, so it supports creating a glass skin makeup look without giving an excessive impression.

Use cream blush

Next, you can apply cream blush to make your makeup look fresher . The choice of blush color is very important; Adjust the blush color to your skin tone or if you want to emphasize the character of your glass skin makeup look, you can choose a soft blush color .


Glass skin makeup looks tend to show a fresh, dewy and moist character. Therefore, you need a touch of something that gives a shining effect and to display this look you can use a highlighter product.

Apply powder

Even though the focus in a glass skin makeup look prioritizes a moist and fresh look , the use of powder is still a factor that must be prioritized, this aims to set the makeup so that it locks in and doesn't slide on the face.

Eyeshadow with natural Korean style colors

Don't forget, in the eye area, also give a touch of makeup look that refers to the glass skin makeup look by choosing natural colored eyeshadow. This choice is not only suitable for your makeup look, but also creates the characteristics of a Korean-style makeup look.

Apply lip products with natural colors

Final tip, try to apply lipstick products with natural colors and not too flashy. This will help create an even more perfect skin glass makeup look.

Those are some tips that MinQu can share regarding Korean-style glass skin makeup. You can try applying this look to create natural, fresh and moist makeup. Dare to try?

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