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Tips for Long-Lasting Makeup When Watching a Concert

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As we know, currently music events are rampant. Many music concerts are held by local and even international musicians in Indonesia. This is what makes music lovers happy. Even though they have fun and are really looking forward to the concert, there is one thing that women, especially women, always worry about, namely about appearance. However, the problem is that sometimes when watching a concert, especially for a short period of time, we are bothered by the makeup that fades and doesn't last long. It's not really possible, isn't it? If you're having fun singing your favorite song, your make-up will come off because it won't last long, which will make it onto the concert screen. The intention was to be happy, but instead I cried in pain...

So, how do you make your makeup last longer when watching a concert?

To answer this question, minQu will share 5 tips for you so that your makeup lasts long and is anti-slide when watching idol concerts.

1. Do skin preparation

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Firstly, this stage is the most important part so that the makeup lasts long. You can start the right steps in skin prep by cleaning your face first with cleanser, then using toner and serum, then locking in skin moisture with moisturizer. For example, one of the serum products as a step in skin prep is Makeup Gripping Serum , a formula that is easily absorbed, sticky on the skin, and is also able to moisturize the skin down to the deepest layers. After using Makeup Gripping Serum, your skin is guaranteed to be more ready to accept other makeup products, and of course with the bonus of long-lasting makeup.

2. Use waterproof eyeliner and mascara

Second, this part is also no less important to help your makeup stay beautiful and long-lasting when attending a concert. Using waterproof mascara and eyeliner can make your makeup look stay put even when you sweat. So don't worry, you don't need to bother asking your friends, "Is my mascara safe or not?" or "Is my eyeliner safe?" because of course there won't be any black spots under your eyes as a sign of the eyeliner and mascara fading.

3. Add Setting Powder

After that, add setting powder to support your base makeup so that it is more "locked" . Using setting powder will help your facial makeup stick and last longer when watching a concert.

4. Lock with Setting Spray

This part is usually a habit for women when using makeup, namely locking the makeup with a setting spray. Using a setting spray can help your makeup lock in better and not slide around. So, it's certain that your makeup will last a long time even if you watch a concert for hours.

5. Prepare tools for touch up

Lastly , an important but rarely discussed part is preparing a touch up tool for you to bring to the concert. Actually, you don't need a lot of touch up tools, you only need blotting paper or oil paper to remove the oil that appears, then concealer to touch up makeup that is starting to shift or disappear in some parts, or you can also use compact powder to tidy up your makeup. .
And than, those are some tips for making your makeup last longer when watching a MinQu style concert that you can apply. You must be really worried if your makeup slides here and there even though you're watching an idol perform, therefore, it's very important to understand the tips above so that your makeup lasts longer.

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