5 Makeup Tools that Beginner MUA's Must Have

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Starting a career as a MUA, of course you have to pay attention to things related to this profession, one of which is the makeup tools that beginner MUAs must have. As we know, professions related to the beauty sector are very popular, especially in the modern era. But sometimes those who are just starting their career as MUA are confused about what makeup tools they should have.

Makeup equipment for a MUA is a combat tool that will certainly support the work. So don't feel like it's a waste of spending a lot of money to buy makeup tools, because this is part of a MUA's long-term investment.

Makeup tools for beginners

To support this skill, what tools are needed to start a career as a MUA? Below, MinQu has summarized the makeup tools that beginner MUAs must have.

1. Makeup Brushes

Amala Brush - Makeup Brush

Firstly, for a professional MUA, applying makeup products certainly requires supporting tools , namely using a makeup brush. This tool is an important part of the makeup process from start to finish.

Apart from that, as a beginner MUA you will definitely be confused about what type or shape of brush to choose. Sometimes, you even feel like it's a waste when you buy lots of brushes but don't use them all. Therefore, you need to look for a brush set that contains all the contents. One of the products that you can choose is the Amala Brush , with this product you can feel calm because all the brushes will definitely be used and have been adapted to MUA's needs.

2. Makeup Sponge

Pebble Terracotta Makeup Sponge

Second, the tool you must have as a beginner MUA is a makeup sponge. This tool is useful for applying foundation and base makeup. When choosing a makeup sponge, you have to pay attention to its quality, because this will make you and your client comfortable during the makeup process.

The sponge product that you can choose is the Pebble Terracotta Makeup Sponge , the soft and bouncy material will help you apply complexion products more easily. Apart from that, the varied shapes and sizes of the Pebble Terracotta Makeup Sponge can be adjusted to suit your preferences.

3. Tweezer

Haquhara Red Bronze Tweezer

After that, the tool you must have to start your career as a MUA is Tweezer. With just this one tool you can experience many benefits, starting from helping with the process of installing eyelashes, installing the scot, and even helping with the process of sewing eyelashes.

The product you can choose is the Haquhara Red Bronze Tweezer, its shape is specially designed to be comfortable to hold and will help make your makeup process safer and more comfortable. This Haquhara Red Bronze Tweezer comes in two variants, namely Point Tip Tweezer and Flat Tip Tweezer .

4. Makeup Puff

Makeup Puff

Next, as a MUA you are also required to have a makeup puff. One of the benefits of this tool is to support the complexion stage in the makeup process so that the product blends better.

The puff makeup product that you can choose is Haquhara Suave Makeup Puff . The soft and smooth material can help you apply various makeup products, such as foundation, powder, and so on. Apart from that, Haquhara Suave Makeup Puff can also reach the curved areas of the face, so it can make it easier for you in the client's make-up process.

5. Makeup Bag

Makeup Bag

A lot of makeup tools certainly require a proper container, therefore bags are one of the tools that makeup artists, even beginners, must have. Apart from giving a professional impression, bags also help you organize your tools and makeup products more neatly. The Professional Makeup Bag could be your MUA bag of choice, lots of storage with a fashionable look helps your makeup tools look neater and more attractive in the eyes of clients.

Those are the 5 makeup tools that you must have as a beginner MUA. Starting from Makeup Brush, Makeup Sponge, Tweezer, Makeup Puff, and also Makeup Bag. What tools does Haqu Squad have for clients' make-up?

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