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You Must Know! This is Barbie's identical makeup look

Makeup Barbie

Makeup by: @adi_rustana

Who doesn't know Barbie? A character who cannot be separated from her charm as a beautiful and attractive woman. Even Barbie's inherent charm makes some people adopt Barbie's identical makeup look.

An interesting thing has just happened, Barbie, an iconic character, has appeared again to entertain her fans in the form of a live-action film for the first time. Airing on July 19 2023 in Indonesia, the film Barbie The Movie was able to attract a lot of public attention. This has an impact on things related to Barbie's character re-emerging, one of which is the appearance of makeup which is identical to Barbie.

Barbie Identical Makeup

The appearance that refers to Barbie makeup actually pays more attention to two main things, namely the eye area and lips. For more details, MinQu will summarize how to create Barbie makeup that you can try.

Barbie Eye Makeup

Eyes Makeup Barbie

Makeup by: @adi_rustana

The first thing that makes the appearance identical to the Barbie character is in the eye area. You can apply Barbie's strong makeup character to the eye area by using eyeshadow with a choice of thick colors, especially colors with shades of pink. Not only that, to make the eye area bigger and more striking, you can use glitter on your eyelids. Next, to make your makeup look even more similar to Barbie's character, you can apply double eyeliner and eyelashes.

Barbie Lip Makeup

Barbie Lip Makeup

Makeup by: @adi_rustana

The next thing that will help you create a makeup look that is identical to Barbie is in the lip area. To do this, you can focus on grading the lip area using the ombre technique. Apart from that, also pay attention to the color so that it matches what is usually applied to Barbie characters, namely pink.

Those are the two tips that are the main thing to help you create an identical makeup look like Barbie. Come on, apply it straight away and create your own Barbie makeup look to create your own signature, even if you adopt a Barbie-style appearance. I hope this helps!

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