Getting to Know Eye Scots: Creating Eyelid Folds Without Surgery

Scot mata: Eyelid Lock dan Eyelid Veil Haquhara

Complaining about the condition of your eyes during the makeup process has actually become commonplace. Asymmetrical eyes, drooping eyelids, or even monolid eyes, can occur. For that, you have to know what an eye mask is?

In general, this eye mask has the advantage of making double eyelids. Not only that, several problems such as asymmetrical eye conditions or drooping eyelids can also be overcome with this eye mask.

Makeup innovations such as this eye mask certainly help those in the field of makeup to be more efficient in the make-up process, using a practical and effective eye mask will definitely help you a lot.

So, what is an eye scot?

Before and after using eye mask

Eyelid tape or eyelid tape is a tool in the form of tape which is useful for changing or forming folds in the eyes. Therefore, eye mask is definitely appropriate for dealing with the problem of monolid eyes, asymmetrical eyes, or even mother's eyes that have started to droop, so that they look rounder and more proportional.

Recommended eye scotch that is suitable for you

Choosing the right eyeshadow is of course the next concern, for this reason, MinQu has summarized several types of eyeshadow that you can choose.

1. Eyelid Veil X Nanath Nadia

Eyelid Veil X Nanath Nadia

This eye mask is a collaboration product between Haquhara and Nanath Nadia. This eyelid veil has an invisible character and is made from mesh fabric, which can help the eyelids look rounder and more dimensional. This Eyelid Veil is available in four sizes which you can adjust to each eyelid shape.

2. Eyelid Lock Regular Slim

Eyelid Lock Regular Slim

Next, MinQu has a recommendation for an eye mask that is suitable for you to use every day, namely Eyelid Lock Regular Slim . This scotch eye is more natural, so it would be very appropriate if you use it for daily makeup .

3. Eyelid Lock Expert Slim

Eyelid Lock Expert Slim

Lastly, the eyeshadow that you can choose is Eyelid Lock Expert Slim . This long eye scotch is suitable for you to wear at formal events, such as graduations, attending a friend's wedding , and so on.

4. Twilight Eyelid Lock

Eyelid Lock Expert Slim

The next recommendation for eyeshadow that could be your choice is Eyelid Lock Twilight . Scotch eyes with their thick character are just right for mama's eyelids. Apart from that, the Twilight Eyelid Lock is suitable for everyday users or professional users.

5. Eyelid Lock Ultra x Claudius Charles

Eyelid Lock Ultra

Next, MinQu recommends an eye mask that is suitable for you to use to treat your mother's eyelids that are starting to droop, namely Eyelid Lock Ultra . This eye scotch is a collaboration between Haquhara and Claudius Charles , the size of which is designed to treat eyelids that are very drooping or sagging, so that the final look will be deeper and more dimensional.

So, have you decided on which eye mask to use yet? That's what MinQu can share about eyeshadow, I hope it helps!

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