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More Casual Appearance with Natural Makeup Look

Makeup Natural

Makeup by: @jennyro.mua

The development of makeup from time to time never stops. This also goes hand in hand with the type of makeup, starting from bold characters, Korean makeup, to classic makeup. In fact, it is not uncommon for beauty enthusiasts to choose to show the character of their makeup through a natural makeup look .

What is natural makeup?

Natural Makeup

Makeup by: [Left] @tikakusnaedi - [Right] @ujujuanas

As the name suggests, natural makeup has a strong character that shows natural facial beauty. Natural makeup will help your makeup not look excessive.

Another advantage of natural makeup is that it is suitable for you to apply when attending various events. Starting from daily activities, work, college, or even attending formal events, this natural makeup look will be suitable.

Tips for creating natural makeup

Even though natural makeup seems simple, you also need to pay attention to these tips so that your natural makeup can last all day.

1. Apply moisturizer

Even though you want to create a natural makeup look, you still shouldn't skip applying moisturizer. Apart from making facial skin ready to accept makeup products, using a moisturizer can also help your makeup stick better.

2. Apply Foundation and Concealer

Second tip, even though you want your makeup to look natural, you still have to use foundation and concealer. To support the natural character of makeup, you apply foundation and concealer to the area of ​​acne scars or darker spots.

3. Use Setting Powder

After applying base makeup, you can use setting powder to lock the makeup. Apart from that, your makeup appearance will also look more matte , so your face will be free from the shine effect. Now you are more ready to apply natural makeup!

If you want to apply other products to support your makeup look , don't forget to always make sure that the makeup is not too bold or thick, so that your goal of creating natural makeup remains visible.

Those are some tips that MinQu can share regarding natural makeup, hopefully they help and you can apply them in the makeup process!

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