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Longer Lasting Makeup with Burn Foundation Technique

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Of the many techniques in the makeup process, the technique of burning foundation is one that is still commonly used today. Foundation is a product that is considered mandatory for use during the makeup process, especially for professional makeup artists. Next, to provide a foundation with lasting and longer-lasting results, you can use the burnt foundation technique.

The foundation burn technique has been widely used among makeup artists. This is certainly a sign that the foundation burn technique could be an option for you to try. For this reason, to answer your curiosity, MinQu will share what the foundation burning technique is, how to burn foundation and its benefits.

What is the foundation burn technique?

The technique of burning foundation is used by beauty enthusiasts to create makeup that lasts longer. But the question is, what is the foundation burn technique? This technique is the process of burning foundation by combining two or more foundations on a mixing palette. Usually in the mixing process, the foundations that are combined have different textures, namely cream foundation and liquid foundation . Then for dosage, liquid foundation is poured more than cream foundation. This foundation burn technique is used to produce a makeup look that is more matte and lasts longer. So, do you know what the foundation burning technique is?

The right way to burn off foundation

Angled Spatula

After discussing what the foundation burning technique is, next we will discuss the correct way to carry out the foundation burning process.

  1. First, pour the cream foundation and liquid foundation that you will burn onto a spoon or mixing palette.
  2. Second, mix the foundation using an Angled Spatula. Apart from its bent tip shape, the Angled Spatula will also be more ergonomic for you to use.
  3. Third, burn the foundation on a match or candle over low heat.
  4. Next, stir the foundation so that it is mixed evenly until small bubbles appear.
  5. Finally, before you apply the foundation, wait a moment until the temperature drops so that it is comfortable when applied to the face.

Benefits of burning foundation

Matte makeup

Makeup by: @makeupbywilly

So, what are the actual benefits of this foundation burning technique? It is said that by using the burn foundation technique, the foundation sticks more quickly and last longer on the face. Apart from that, this technique also helps the foundation show a more matte look .

That's some information related to foundation burning techniques that MinQu can share. So what do you think, is this foundation burning technique effective for you to apply during the makeup process?


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