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3 Secrets to Mama's Makeup to Look More Youthful

Makeup mama terlihat awet muda

Makeup has its own charm for its fans, even the use of makeup can be tried by all groups, including children, adults and the elderly. Therefore, the application of makeup varies greatly depending on needs, for example for elderly people, apart from applying makeup, makeup is also used to help disguise age. But of course you have to use tricks to make your makeup look more youthful.

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Creating makeup that looks younger is not that easy, especially if you lack the insight to overcome or find the secret behind youthful makeup. Therefore, to answer this concern, MinQu will share 3 secrets to make your makeup look more youthful.

Moisturized skin is the main key

Makeup Gripping Serum on mom's face

The first secret to making makeup look more youthful is to maintain moisture in the skin. Before applying makeup products, it would be better if you use products that function to maintain skin moisture. This is not done without reason, with damp skin the makeup will stick and look more natural on the face. The product that you can use in an effort to moisturize your skin optimally is Makeup Gripping Serum . This serum product, which is specially formulated to be used before makeup, is able to maintain skin moisture, even down to the deepest layers. After using this serum, the skin will be better prepared to accept makeup products with longer lasting power.

Use facelift tape to disguise sagging facial skin

Forutna Facelift X Sherly Kartika

As we get older, facial skin tends to sag or sag more. This is of course a problem during the make-up process if you want to look more youthful. For this reason, in an effort to disguise sagging facial skin, innovation in the world of makeup continues to develop, namely with the presence of facelift tape. One product that you can rely on is Fortuna Facelift x Sherly Kartika , this facelift product with a matte appearance is effective for lifting sagging skin instantly. Apart from that, the adhesive power of this product is also strong so you can rely on it to create makeup that lasts longer. Fortuna Facelift is comfortable to wear so clients will not feel disturbed when using it.

Use eyelid tape to make the eyelids rise

Eyelid Lock Twilight & Eyelid Lock Ultra

Apart from sagging or drooping facial skin on the cheeks, as we get older, the eyelids also tend to droop more. Therefore, to create makeup that looks more youthful, you need tricks to overcome this problem. Eyelid tape is the answer, you can use this to lift your mother's eyelids which have started to droop. There are two eyelid tape options that MinQu recommends, the first is Eyelid Lock Twilight and the second is Eyelid Lock Ultra x Claudius Charles . These two products are effective for lifting mama's eyelids which have begun to droop with results that are rounder, more dimensional, stronger and deeper.

That's the information MinQu can share regarding the secret to more youthful makeup. In essence, you can give your skin maximum hydration before starting the makeup process, use facelift tape to disguise facial skin that is starting to sag, and you can use eyelid tape to create rounder, stronger, deeper and more dimensional eyelids.

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