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4 Tips for Choosing a MUA that suits your Heart

Memilih MUA yang Pas di Hati

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Do you agree, currently makeup has become a primary need for many people, especially women? At certain events, makeup is one of the main factors that makes your appearance stunning. In line with the increasing need for make-up, make-up services are also becoming more widespread. But sometimes, the ease of using makeup services always encounters several problems. One of them is the difficulty in choosing the right MUA.

Come on, admit it, as a client you definitely relate to this situation, right? For example, you have found a suitable MUA, but it turns out your budget doesn't match, or you have found a suitable one but the location is far away.

How do you choose a MUA that suits your heart?

Without realizing it, your difficulty in choosing a MUA that suits your heart is a problem that many people experience. In fact, this becomes even more complicated when you don't find the best tips for choosing the MUA that suits your heart.

Therefore, to answer your confusion, minQu will share tips with you on how to choose the MUA that suits your heart.

1. Look for References

The first tip for choosing a MUA is to prepare and understand what you are actually looking for from a makeup artist, especially in terms of makeup style. This will make it easier for you to find references that really suit your style.

Next, look for lots of MUAs and use them as references. You can use the internet, social media, or even personal relationships to find MUA references.

From the many references, next try to make sure whether you have a choice of MUA that is expected to suit the look you want. So, don't make the wrong choice, because your style and that of the MUA don't match, Haqu Squad!

2. Make sure the budget is appropriate

Apart from having to fit your heart, choosing a MUA for your special day also requires paying attention to whether it suits your pocket money or not. Don't choose a MUA that is outside your budget, it would be a shame if, for example, the makeup style is according to what you want but the budget is not conditioned.

How can I prevent this from happening? You can start by asking several MUAs for the price list that you are looking for, after that you can start comparing in terms of price and makeup preferences which one might suit you.

3. Check Portfolio

Looking at the portfolio to choose a MUA is very important, with this you can see the makeup results that have been worked on by the MUA. You can pay attention to whether the makeup look matches your expectations or not.

4. Pay attention to other customer testimonials

The final tip for choosing MUA is testimonials from other customers. With testimonials from previous clients who have used the MUA's services, you can consider whether this MUA is suitable or not.

Choosing a MUA that suits your heart is a problem faced by makeup service users. So, try the tips that MinQu shared so that your makeup look matches your expectations and makes you feel more comfortable with the results.

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