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5 Recommendation Lip Looks That You Can Try!

5 Rekomendasi Lips Look yang Bisa Kamu Coba

Trends in the beauty industry never seem to end. It's not just about the overall appearance; even lip looks in makeup have given rise to many trends. As we know, lips are a prominent feature that can capture attention, similar to eye makeup. Therefore, you must be able to adapt your choice of lip looks in makeup.

How to determine the right lip look?

Simply put, when you are going to apply makeup, the first thing you have to understand is what will this makeup look like? Once you can answer these questions, the lips look and eyes in makeup can follow. Therefore, here are some lip look recommendations that you can try.

Sexy Lips

Sexy lips

The first lip look recommendation is sexy lips. This appearance, which conveys a glamorous impression, is suitable for you to apply when attending a formal event. Usually the choice of lip product color is also a consideration when choosing a sexy lip look, for example the color chosen will tend to be more striking and on point. So, dare you try this lip look?

Ombre Lips

Ombre lips

The ombre lip look is not something new, in fact, in everyday use, this lip look is often chosen, apart from tending to be more relaxed, the way to apply it also seems easier. You only need to apply two colors of product, where the neutral color will be the base, then apply a darker lipstick shade in the center of the lips.

Gradient Lips

Gradient lips

The next lip look that MinQu can recommend is the gradient lips look. This lips look tends to refer to Korean style makeup. The application method is quite easy, you only need to apply a base color such as nude or lip concealer, then apply lip tint with a brighter color to the inner area of ​​the lips, then blend the lip tint to the outer area of ​​the lips to create a gradient effect. Last look, apply clear gloss to create a lip color that looks more glossy and fresh.

Red Lips Look

Red lips look

The final recommendation, for those of you who are interested in types of makeup that tend to be flashy, red lip look is the answer. You can apply this lip look on formal occasions or even on a daily basis. Showing makeup that looks more elegant and luxurious even though the colors seem more striking, but what's wrong if you feel that this look suits your face and makeup style.

Those are four recommended lip looks that you can choose to perfect your makeup, starting from sexy lips, ombre lips, gradient lips, to red lips look. So, which is your favorite lip look that you usually apply when making up?

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