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Tips for Cover Up Scars on the Face with Makeup

Tips Samarkan Bekas Luka di Wajah dengan Makeup

Scars or imperfections on facial skin sometimes make us feel less confident. Therefore, many things are done to disguise this situation, one of the effective weapons is using makeup. Disguising facial wounds with makeup is no longer a strange thing, especially for beauty enthusiasts. For this reason, let's look at the tips and tricks that MinQu has summarized below.

Prepare This to Cover Up Wounds on Your Face with Makeup

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There are several things you have to prepare to disguise scars on your face with makeup products, starting from a series of skin preparations, concealer, foundation, powder, to setting spray .

Start with Skin Preparation

Skin preparation is the main thing in every makeup process, including when covering scars on the face. Doing skin prep makes the skin optimally hydrated so that the skin will be more moisturized and won't crack when makeup products are applied.

Disguise with Concealer

Concealer is a product that can be relied on to cover dark spots, large pores, acne scars, or even scars. Therefore, to disguise scars on your face, the makeup product that you should not skip is this concealer. All you have to do is apply concealer using a sponge to the surface of the skin that shows the scar, so your scar will be hidden.

Perfect Scars with Foundation

After applying concealer, next you need to add foundation so that the process of disguising the wound is more perfect. When applying foundation, you have to pay attention to the color tone that suits your facial skin so that it remains in harmony and looks more natural.

Perfect Makeup with Powder

Just like the usual makeup process, using loose powder is the most important step in making makeup more flawless. You only need to apply powder to the surface of your face, then continue with the rest of the makeup process and lock it in with the final touch using a setting spray.

It turns out it doesn't matter if your facial skin shows scars, because with makeup they can be hidden. Those are some tips that MinQu can share to disguise scars on the face by using makeup. I hope this helps!

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