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Get to know Eyelash Sewing and "Obras" Techniques in Makeup

Mengenal Teknik Jahit dan Obras Bulu Mata dalam Makeup

In the world of makeup, there are various techniques that can be applied, one of which is a technique that focuses on the eye area. Apart from techniques for applying eyeshadow, there are also special techniques that can be used to enhance the beauty of eyelashes, such as sewing techniques and eyelash overlocks.

This sewing and overlock technique is not just the physical act of literally sewing and overlocking eyelashes. This is a term in the makeup industry that has a specific concept and application. In this article, we will discuss more about eyelash sewing and overlock techniques!

What is the Eyelash Sewing and Overlock Technique?

Eyelash sewing and overlock techniques may sound familiar to beauty enthusiasts or makeup artists. However, to provide further explanation, in general the technique of sewing and overlocking eyelashes is a practice used to perfect the shape of the eyes.

Furthermore, if explained further, the eyelash sewing and overlock technique aims to perfect the appearance of eyes that tend to be monolid, so that they look more ideal and make eye makeup look more striking. If the eyelash sewing technique focuses on the application being placed on top of the natural eyelashes, this is different from the eyelash sewing technique where the application is placed on the bottom of the natural eyelashes. How familiar are you with these two techniques?

Tips for Performing Eyelash Sewing and Obras Techniques

Eyelash Sewing Technique

1. Apply eyeliner to the eye line, this aims to make it easier to apply false eyelashes to make them neater.

Apply eyeliner

2. Stick the false eyelashes that have been coated with eyelash glue to the eye line. Pay attention to ensure that the edges of the lashes are close to the natural lashes. This aims to make the eyelash sewing technique easier.

Apply false eyelashes

3. Apply eyelash glue between the false eyelashes and real eyelashes.

4. Next, go to the eyelash sewing technique. Use tweezers or a makeup spatula to attach the real eyelashes to the false eyelashes by pressing slightly. For more perfect results in the eyelash sewing technique, you can apply eyelash glue and repeat the eyelash sewing technique process.

5. Then, for the final touch, you can comb your eyelashes to remove any remaining clumps of eyelash glue.

Eyelash "Obras" Technique

1. Carefully apply eyelash glue to the roots of the lower eyelashes.

2. Stick the false eyelashes to the bottom of the eyelashes. Note that the eyelashes are installed neatly and precisely.

3. Next, just like the eyelash sewing technique, carry out the eyelash overlock process by gently pushing and pressing so that the real and false eyelashes can stick together well.

4. The final touch, comb the eyelashes to remove any lumps of glue that may remain and ensure the appearance of the eyelashes remains neat.

That is some information about eyelash sewing and overlock techniques, starting from knowing what eyelash sewing and overlock techniques are to several tips that need to be considered when applying these techniques. I hope this helps!

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