Haquhara The Inveilsible Set x Nanath Nadia / Scot Scot Mata Net Eyetape Lace Invisible Mesh

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Size: S+M


Haquhara X Nanath Nadia
Bundling Package Eyelid Veil Expert Deep (Size S + Size M), (Size S + Size SL), (Size M + Size SL).

Savings: Experience the unlimited creation of eyelids for IDR 265,000 only (original value: IDR 270,000).

Product Description:
Invisible eyelid tape made from premium quality mesh fabric. Suitable for use to make eyelids look rounder and more dimensional. Eyelid Veil is a ready-to-use product, so it can be used instantly and quickly. There's no need to worry if your eye makeup will be damaged, because Eyelid Veil really won't be visible once it's applied. Apart from that, Eyelid Veil will also not leave annoying glue residue on the eyelids after wearing it all day.

Collaboration with Nanath Nadia:
"We collaborated with Nanath Nadia to create Eyelid Veil. Our goal was to create a product that could provide the best results for an eye makeup look—adding strong dimension to the eyelid and making eyeshadow colors brighter and more beautiful. We hope this collaboration can help stylists makeup to be creative in doing makeup without hesitation—creation without limits."

Product dimensions:
Size S: Length 2.8 cm x Width 0.4 cm
Size M: Length 2.7 cm x Width 0.6 cm
SL size (small & long): Length 3.2 cm x Width 0.4 cm

Product description:
- Bundling package contains: 2 boxes of Eyelid Veil with the size selected.
- One box contains 180 Eyelid Veils (90 pairs)
- Premium quality mesh fabric
- Equipped with a stick to make eyelid veil application easier
- There is a protective layer on each sheet to keep the glue durable

Suitable for:
Daily use or professional use.

How to use:
Gently and slowly remove the Eyelid Veil from the sheet. Spray enough water on the Eyelid Veil until it becomes transparent and feels sticky. Apply Eyelid Veil to your eyelids correctly and make sure the product sticks properly. Next, apply eyeshadow and eyeliner to complete your eye makeup.

Storage Instructions:
IMPORTANT! Make sure to store the Eyelid Veil back in OPP plastic so that its quality is maintained.

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