Haquhara Mango Sponge / Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge

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Sale priceRp 55.000

The mango-shaped sponge has a sharp tip and is slightly flat, making it suitable for reaching corner areas on the face. A sponge that is easy to clean with soft and bouncy material, so it is comfortable when used.

Product Size:
Length 3.5 x Height 6.5 cm

Green color

- So it doesn't get dirty easily, put the sponge in a breathable bag after use.
- Wash the sponge after use, so that it is clean.

How to Clean:
- Soak the sponge in water, then pour a little liquid soap, and squeeze the sponge until clean.
- Rinse using clean water until the soap is gone.
- After that, dry the sponge using a tissue or towel and store it near a fan/air-conditioned room so it dries faster.

Avoid putting the sponge in the container if it is still damp to prevent mold growth!

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