Bundling ALL SIZE Eyelid Veil Haquhara x Nanath Nadia Baby Pack / Scot Scot Mata Net Eyetape Lace Invisible Mesh

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*Every order of this Bundling Package, you will get an Eyelid Veil Pro Pack ALL SIZE (S, M, SL, and L)

*Still confused about determining the right type & size of Eyelid Tape? Don't worry, you can contact our CS for a consultation, OK!


Best selling and collaboration product with Nanath Nadia. Eyelid Veil is an eyelid tape made from mesh fabric with transparent results when applied to the eyelids. Makes eyelids look more symmetrical, round and dimensional. Equipped with a stick, tweezer, and airless spray bottle to make it easier for you to apply Eyelid Veil.


  • SL size (small & long): Length 3.2 cm x Width 0.4 cm
  • Size S (small): Length 2.8 cm x Width 0.4 cm
  • Size M (medium): Length 2.7 cm x Width 0.6 cm
  • Size L (large & long): Length 3.2 cm x Width 0.6 cm


  • Pro Pack = 180 pcs + EXTRA 36 pcs FREE. The total you will get is 216 pcs (108 pairs). Equipped with a Storage Box so that product quality is maintained.
  • Premium quality mesh fabric

Equipped with stick, tweezer, and Airless Spray Bottle (Airless type bottle does not use a hose) to make Eyelid Veil application easier


  • Gently and slowly remove the Eyelid Veil from the sheet.
  • Spray water on the Eyelid Veil until it becomes transparent and feels sticky.
  • Apply Eyelid Veil to the eyelids.

IMPORTANT! Make sure the Eyelid Veil is stored back in OPP plastic so that its quality is maintained.

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