Bundling ALL SIZE Eyelid Lock Baby Pack (Ultra, Twilight, Regular Slim, Expert Slim) Baby Pack Eyelid Lock 3M Eyelid Tape Transparent Porous

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*Every purchase of this bundling package will get an Eyelid Lock Baby Pack ALL SIZE (Regular Slim, Expert Slim, Twilight, and Ultra)

*Still confused about determining the right type & size of Eyelid Tape? Don't worry, you can contact our CS for a consultation, OK!


Eyelid tape is made from plastic with a glossy finish when applied to the eyelids. Specially designed for use on thick, fatty eyelids or those with no eye crease at all. Available in four sizes, namely Regular Slim, Expert Slim, Twilight, and Ultra x Claudius Charles.


  • Regular Slim: 120 pcs (60 pairs)
  • Expert Slim: 120 pcs (60 pairs)
  • Twilight: 90 pcs (45 pairs)
  • Ultra: 90 pcs (45 pairs)


  • Remove the Protector Sheet.
  • Take the Eyelid Lock from the sheet.
  • Apply Eyelid Lock to your eyelids correctly. Make sure the product is attached properly.
  • Better to use before eyeshadow.

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