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Makeup Is Even More Stunning! This is an easy trick to tighten your skin with facelift tape

Makeup Makin Memukau! Ini Trik Mudah Mengencangkan Kulit dengan Facelift Tape

As time goes by, changes in facial skin become unavoidable. The impact is felt during the makeup application process, where the condition of the skin decreases making the makeup results seem less than perfect. Therefore, to overcome this problem, many people end up choosing an instant and effective solution, one product that can be your mainstay is Fortuna Facelift X Sherly Kartika.

What is Facelift Tape?

Facelift Tape is a product specifically designed to provide a tightening effect on the facial area. Haquhara's product, namely Fortuna Facelift In addition, this tape can be used easily to create the illusion of firmer, more youthful looking skin.

How to Use Fortuna Facelift

1. Clean your face

Make sure your face is clean of dirt and oil before you use the Facelift Tape.

2. Make sure your face is dry

After ensuring that your face is clean, you also have to make sure that your facial skin is completely dry before applying the facelift tape. If the facial skin is damp, the adhesive power of the facelift will decrease.

3. Apply Facelift Tape

Apply the Facelift Tape to the cheekbone area, then make sure the position of the tape on the right and left is balanced.

4. Gently massage the Facelift Tape so that it sticks perfectly

After it is applied in a position that feels appropriate, the next step is to gently massage the tape so that the adhesive is perfect.

5. Attach the rope and adjust it according to the tightness you want

The final step, all you have to do is put the rope into the hole in the tape, then tie the rope to the knot according to the level of tightness you want.

Facelift Tape, which instantly and effectively lifts sagging skin, is a solution for creating an increasingly perfect makeup look. Hopefully some of the information and tips that MinQu shared will be useful!

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