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Make No Mistakes Again! This is the Correct Function of 5 Color Corrector Colors

Jangan Salah Lagi! Ini Fungsi 5 Warna Color Corrector yang Tepat

Apart from functioning as a form of expression in beauty, makeup is also often a solution to disguise flaws in the facial area. Along with developments, color corrector has become a makeup product that can be relied on to disguise uneven skin color.

However, the many types of colors in color correctors often cause confusion for users regarding the function of each color. For this reason, below, MinQu will summarize the functions of the 5 correct color corrector colors.

What is Color Corrector?

Color Corrector

In the world of makeup, there is a process called color correcting, this process occurs when you try to perfect your skin color so that it looks even by using a color corrector.

As previously discussed, color corrector functions to disguise imperfections in the facial area, ranging from scars, dark circles, to reddish rashes. Therefore, to achieve maximum results in covering these deficiencies, color correctors come in various colors, such as yellow, green, purple, peach and orange, which of course have their respective functions.


Yellow color corrector is generally used to neutralize redness or purple at a light level. Using this color is effective for the nose, cheeks, mild acne and under eye areas.

Green color

Furthermore, to neutralize moderate to severe redness on the facial area, you can rely on this green color corrector.


For those of you who have facial skin problems with yellowish spots that tend to be dull, a purple color corrector is the solution to neutralize this skin color.

Peach color

Peach colored color corrector is suitable for neutralizing bluish, gray and greenish skin. This color is also commonly used to correct dark circles in the under eye area.

Orange color

The orange color corrector has the function of correcting blackness, from dark circles to black spots from acne scars. This color is suitable for those of you who have brown to dark skin tones.

That's the function of each color corrector color that you can try applying during the makeup process. Hopefully after reading the definition above it will help you more easily determine the appropriate color corrector color.

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