About Us

Essential steps for perfection.

Imagine a world where Indonesia is a major player in the beauty industry, and our makeup artists, world renowned professionals.

It is upon that very dream that Hara was established back on the 1st of October 2017. We believe there is great potential to be unlocked. To that end, we are here with all the essentials that will bring everyone's makeup game one step closer to perfection.

All our efforts are directed to making products that embody professionalism and innovation, and ultimately, equipping makeup artists with the very best.

Making products that embody professionalism.

We've curated products for the specific purpose of making makeup application easier for all, whether they are professionals with years of experience or beginners who are just starting out.

We've also made it a point to put you and your needs first through thorough quality checks and end-to-end service.

With that in mind, we promise to continue providing world-class products at affordable prices.

We are for you!