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Touch Up Makeup is More Practical with These 5 Products!

Touch Up Makeup Lebih Praktis dengan 5 Produk Ini!

For makeup lovers, the touch up process is nothing new. Touch up means making slight adjustments to your makeup. This involves reusing or adding cosmetic products to keep the makeup look on point.

In the process, touch up can be applied by adding powder, lipstick, to disguise problem areas such as makeup stains. But, the question is, what do we actually need for this makeup touch up process? To answer that, below MinQu has summarized 5 makeup products that make your touch up process more practical!

Blotting paper

Even though you have applied makeup, oil on your face will still appear, especially for those of you who sweat easily. Therefore, to keep your makeup on point and the touch up process easier, you can use blotting paper. This product is specifically designed to absorb excess oil on the face without damaging makeup. So, the touch up process can be simpler.

Compact Powder

The next product is compact powder. You can use this product to reduce shine on your face during the touch-up process. Compact powder is also usually accompanied by a sponge and mirror, so you don't need to bother carrying makeup tools such as sponges and mirrors during the touch-up process.


Next, don't skip applying blush on during the touch up process. Adding blush on when touching up will create a fresh and rosy makeup appearance, so you don't need to worry about your face looking pale because with this blush your makeup will remain on point.


The next product is none other than lipstick. What happens without makeup without lipstick products, the look will definitely look pale. Therefore, during the touch up process, don't forget to apply lip products such as matte lip cream, lip tint, or any lip product, according to your preference.

Setting Spray

Comfort is also a major factor when makeup is applied to facial skin, so setting spray really deserves to be on your list of touch up products. This aims to make your makeup last longer.

Maintaining your makeup appearance throughout the day can increase your self-confidence level. Therefore, the touch up process is an important part of keeping your makeup look on point. Hopefully the recommendations that MinQu shared above can help you create makeup that stays fresh!

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