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5 Tips for Removing Makeup Correctly to Keep Your Skin Healthy

Bersihkan Makeup Supaya Kulit Tetap Sehat

After spending a long day with makeup on your face, removing makeup properly to keep your skin healthy is an important step. This certainly helps prevent skin problems such as acne, irritation, and others.

How to clean makeup properly?

Remove makeup properly

Before talking further, you must understand that after applying makeup on your face, the next important step is to clean the makeup. However, the question is, do you know how to remove makeup properly so that your skin stays healthy? For this reason, here are some tips that MinQu will share to help you clean your makeup properly.

1. Make sure your hands are clean

Clean hands before removing makeup

The most important but sometimes overlooked thing when cleaning makeup is washing your hands. Make sure your hands are clean before touching your face, this aims to avoid the spread of germs or dirt on the facial area, so that skin health is maintained.

2. Avoid rubbing the skin roughly

Gently remove makeup

At each stage of removing makeup, you need to note one thing, namely avoid rubbing your skin roughly. Clean the skin with gentle and light pressure to avoid irritation of facial skin.

3. Clean your face with facial cleansing

Clean your face with facial cleansing

Removing makeup properly so that your skin remains healthy requires one of the most important things, namely cleaning your face with facial cleansing. The use of facial cleansing can be adjusted to your preferences. If your makeup has a bold look, it is recommended to use cleansing balm or cleansing oil, so that the makeup is removed perfectly. However, if you use light makeup, you can use micellar water to clean the makeup.

4. Wash your face with face wash

Washing face

The steps in properly removing makeup don't just involve using facial cleansing. The next step you have to do is clean your face with face wash. With this, the remaining makeup that is still stuck to facial skin will be removed.

5. Use facial moisturizer

To rebalance the pH so you don't get dry after removing your makeup, don't forget to use facial moisturizer. To do this, you can apply facial moisturizer all over your face and massage gently so that your skin is maximally hydrated.

Those are 5 tips for removing makeup properly so that your skin stays healthy. Starting from making sure your hands are clean, avoid rubbing your facial skin roughly, use face cleaning, face wash, and even moisturizer. The point is, after applying makeup on your face, don't skip the steps to clean it so that your skin can stay healthy and awake.

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